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How To Charge Your Attendees For Your Webinar Hosted at GoToWebinar

If you’re looking host paid webinars i.e. charge attendees to view your webinars hosted at GoToWebinar, the process is not so straightforward as GoToWebinar does not provide an integrated payment system to charge attendees.

However, when there’s a problem, there’s a solution. In this tutorial, the solution is to use WordPress that’ll let you charge your attendees before they can register to attend your webinar.

For WordPress, the tools/services we’ll need are:

  1. Gravity Forms (Developer’s License)
  2. Zapier Add-On
  3. Stripe/Paypal Add-on (or the payment processor of your choice)

Step 1: Create the form inside Gravity Forms

Creating the registration form inside Gravity Forms is pretty straightforward. Add the name and email fields, the product field that will contain the price that you need to charge for the webinar and the Credit/Debit card field if you’re using the Stripe add-on.

paid webinars gotowebinar

Save the form, and that’s it.

If you’re collecting other information from your attendees (information such as “How did you hear about us?” etc.), you need to add the appropriate fields. The example above only shows the necessary fields that you need to add.

Step 2: Create the Zapier Feed to integrate with GoToWebinar

After installing the Zapier Add-on, create a Zap on your Zapier account to Send Gravity Forms Submissions Into GoToWebinar. The instructions on the Zapier page are pretty clear, and the integration is very simple to create.

Step 3: Create the Stripe (or your payment processor’s) Feed

Install the Stripe Add-On and create the Stripe feed, and adjust the settings as required.

The positive point about Stripe is that the Zapier feed only gets processed after Stripe successfully captures the payment. That’s exactly what you want for the webinar registration.

paid webinars gotowebinar

Step 4: Create a Registration Page on your website

A simple page, that only needs to contain the form you’ve created above in Step 1. The rest of the copy is completely up to you depending on how you want to sell it.

That’s it.

However, there are quite a few options that could make your form even better. For example:

  • You can offer more than 1 payment method.
  • You can collect quite some information from your attendees, and sync it with your GoToWebinar webinar.
  • You can set up custom receipts/confirmation messages or even send files to download to your attendees via e-mail.

Options are endless, but the steps above will help you charge your registrants to attend your GoToWebinar.